HARI SINGH & SONS (ISO Certified 9001:2008 Company) has been involved in the manufacturing of an exceptional and powerful range of power press machines. Our company is dealing with the manufacturing of the power press machines in India and shaping machines for more than 100 years. We are the best Power Press Machine Manufacturer in India and are known for high performance and excellent durability, these power press machines ensure high efficiency. Our shaping machine is called PADAM.

Our experts design the machines with all safety considerations in mind. The machine comes with an instruction manual that makes it simple to use. The manuals can be referred to at any time during the work.

All of the materials used in the Power Press machine in Punjab are of superior quality and conform to IS CODE. The quality control team, comprised of all experienced workers, aids in maintaining the machine’s quality. This contributes to providing customers with high-quality products that can be used for an extended period of time without failure.

H Frame Power Press machine

What is Power Press Machine?

Power press machines are primarily used in the manufacturing industry for pressing, trimming, assembling, straightening, and disassembling various components. PADAM, our most dependable product, is also gaining popularity and serving in India. PADAM offers the toughest shape, curves, and angles with ease at the most affordable price with power press machines in Punjab. The machine distinguishes itself from others due to its durability and ease of use. Our machines are corrosion less. The various models available for PADAM available are listed below:-

H-frame power press
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