Cross shaft Power press Machine

Cross shaft power press

Uses of Power Press Machine


Power Press Machine is majorly used in manufacturing industries for getting the casing ready for the appliances


Due to its multi-functionality feature, it is used in all the factories and industrial establishments.


Power pressing machine is one of the most important machines to learn for every engineering student, so is the part of every technical institute’s workshop


This machine is part of every electronic and electric appliance factory.

cross shaft power press

Hari Singh and Sons is a renowned manufacturer of cross shaft power press machines based in Punjab, India. With a legacy spanning several decades, Hari Singh and Sons have built a solid reputation for their exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality machines. Specializing in cross-shaft power pressing machines, they have become a trusted choice for businesses across various industries. The company prides itself on its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a team of skilled engineers who meticulously design and fabricate these machines to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

Hari Singh and Sons’ cross-shaft power pressing machines are known for their robust construction, precise performance, and reliable operation.  With their dedication to innovation and commitment to excellence, Hari Singh and Sons have emerged as a leading manufacturer of cross-shaft power pressing machines in Punjab, catering to the evolving needs of the manufacturing sector.

    1. Cross Shaft Design: Cross shaft shaping machines feature a unique design with a horizontal cross shaft that connects the main drive to the ram. This design ensures a stable and balanced operation during shaping processes.

    2. Power Transmission: The cross shaft transfers power from the main drive to the ram, enabling the shaping operation. The power can be transmitted through mechanical linkages, gears, or other transmission mechanisms.

    3. Adjustable Stroke Length: Cross shaft shaping machines offer adjustable stroke lengths to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shaping requirements. Operators can adjust the stroke length based on the desired shape and dimensions of the workpiece.

    4. Variable Speed Control: These machines provide variable speed control, allowing operators to adjust the speed of the ram during the shaping process. This feature provides flexibility to optimize the shaping operation for different materials and shapes.

    5. Multiple Shaping Techniques: Cross shaft shaping machines support various shaping techniques, including cutting, bending, punching, forming, and more. They can handle a wide range of materials, such as metal sheets, plates, and bars.

  • Pneumatic dry clutch
  • Plc control with fault finding system
  • Auto grease lubrication system
  • Motorized slide adj.
  • Knock out system
  • Die height indicator
  • Counter balancer of slide
  • Anti-repeat safety device
  • Air outlet / miss-feed detector socket
  • Rotary cam limit switch
  • Electric control panel and production counter
  • Operation & maintenance manual
  • Smc/festo make frl & pneumatic fitting
  • Ross/ toyoki japan make dual solenoid valve

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