Heavy Duty piller type Shaping Machine

Standard Accessories Of Shaping Machine


Swiveling vice.

A vice is a commonly used accessory in shaping machines. It provides a secure and stable clamping mechanism to hold the workpiece in place during shaping operations. The vice typically has adjustable jaws to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shapes.


Automatic oil lubrication pump.

An automatic oil lubrication pump is a critical accessory for a shaping machine. It ensures smooth and efficient operation by providing a continuous supply of lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine. This helps reduce friction, wear, and heat generation, thereby extending the machine’s lifespan and improving its performance.


Motor pulley

The motor pulley is a key component of a shaping machine that connects the motor to the machine’s drive system. It is typically a wheel-shaped device with a groove or series of grooves on its outer circumference. The motor pulley is usually made of durable materials such as cast iron or steel.


Instruction and maintenance manual

Standard shaping machines come with electrical controls that allow operators to start, stop, and control the shaping operation. These controls may include switches, buttons, and indicators for safety and ease of use.

Heavy Duty Piller Shaping Machine

The Heavy Duty piller Shaping machine 42″ All-Geared Driven  is an exceptional industrial-grade machine offered by Harisingh & Sons, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality machinery. This powerful pillar type drilling machine is meticulously designed and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of precision drilling and tapping operations across various industries.

Hari Singh and Sons are one of the best-shaping machine supplier in India and make machines using the latest technology with high efficiency. The machines are capable of giving a perfect shape to the metal. The machine is helpful for all engineering work and is made to match all Indian standards. The user-friendly machines offer the best service at the most reasonable price.

  • Heavily Cross ribbed robust and the heavily built construction ensures vibration-free working.
  • The machine is designed for high-quality performance and durability.
  • Fully hand-scrapped.
  • The double jack system saves time from the digging of pits
  • The clutch is at the perfect reach of the operator.
  • Screws, shafts, and other steel parts are made up of specially selected alloys.
  • To eliminate slippage the machine provides a ring-type clutch drive in all geared machines
  • Graduated Total Slide spinning at 90 degrees either way.
  • Padam Shapers are best for deep cut-high metal removal with accuracy.
  • The shaping machines are compact and accurate.
  1. Electric Motor
  2. Dol Starter
  3. Keyway cutting attachment
  4. Automatic tool lilting device
  5. Automatic feed to the tool slide
  6. Rapid feed system with Control Panel
  7. Allen Key Set. V-Belts, Crank Handle, Spanner Set, Screwdriver Oil Can. ToolBox.


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Product Specifications

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