H-frame Power press Machine

H frame power press

Uses of Power Press Machine


Power Press Machine is majorly used in manufacturing industries for getting the casing ready for the appliances


Due to its multi-functionality feature, it is used in all the factories and industrial establishments.


Power pressing machine is one of the most important machines to learn for every engineering student, so is the part of every technical institute’s workshop


This machine is part of every electronic and electric appliance factory.

H Frame Power Press

Harisingh and Sons proudly presents their H-Frame Power Press Machine, a versatile and efficient industrial equipment designed to excel in various metalworking applications. Built with precision engineering and utmost reliability, this machine offers exceptional performance for punching, bending, shearing, and forming tasks.

H-Frame or H-Type Power Presses have the frame in the shape of “H”. We manufacture H Type Power Presses upto 1000 Tonnes Capacity.

The Power Press Machine features a robust H-shaped frame that ensures stability and durability, enabling precise and consistent results. Equipped with advanced controls and user-friendly features, operators can easily adjust settings to optimize productivity and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Heavily Cross ribbed robust and the heavily built construction ensures vibration-free working. And helps carbide-tipped tools to be used to their full capacity
  • Under rock well hardness test for Special alloy, casting ensures maximum strength and durability
  • All the parts of the machines are well arranged for the best workability.
  • Scraping and lapping are followed to obtain more precision work and accuracy
  • Padam hydraulic shaper equipped with manual lubrication system
  • Hand lubrication points give lubrication to all moving parts with oil nipple.
  • Most positive stoke adjusting arrangement without stopping the machine
  • The tool holder is designed so that it holds the tool at any angle to get the desired result
  • Interchangeably to standardize hence replaceable
  • Ram is assembled with the most accurately adjustable taper gid to provide high accuracy every time.
  • The universal/fixed table is equipped with the machine
  • The dial indicator helps to check the accuracy of the direct reading obtained from the machine
  • Accuracy graded – 1
  • Ram setting is provided with various electric limit switches attached to the hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder offers quick return motion of the ram

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Product Specifications

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